Flying Squirrel

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    Sidekick of the Red Panda.

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    A dutch-irish boxer's daughter, Kit Baxter was working as a taxi driver when she first met August Fenwick. After his old chauffer "took another posting," Fenwick hired Kit to be his new driver. Figuring out that her new boss was, in fact, the Red Panda, Kit drove the limo through a wall one night to save him from a death-trap. When he asked what she wanted to keep quiet, she asked to become his partner. He trained her in several forms of martial arts and prepared her with numerous gadgets of his own creation, taking her under his wing as the Flying Squirrel.


    When Gregg Taylor was rebooting his "Red Panda" radio drama idea, he felt it would be great to add a female sidekick. He wanted this sidekick to be far different from the Margo Lanes of radio or the Lois Lanes of Golden Age comics. He wanted a woman who could hold her own in any fight - physical or verbal. He wrote the role for the woman who would become his wife, Clarissa Der Nederlanden, who has played the radio role since.

    Other Media

    The Flying Squirrel was originally created for the "Red Panda Adventures" radio drama podcast. The Flying Squirrel debuted in the first episode, "Riddle of the Sphinx," on October 15, 2005, and is played by Clarissa Der Nederlanden. The show has spawned four novels and a digital comic series in addition to the over 100 radio episodes to date.


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