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Flying Robert was one of Dorothy Spinner's imaginary friends who she created during her lonely childhood. The son of Darling-Come-Home and Damn All, he and his imaginary family played with Dorothy, told her stories, and taught her to read and write. He was shot to death by Dorothy when she was eleven and they began to tell her stories that she found frightening.


Flying Robert was created by Grant Morrison and Doug Braithwaite. He made his first appearance in Doom Patrol #25.

Major Story Arcs

Imaginary Friends

Flying Robert and the rest of his family are summoned up by Dorothy Spinner's psionic powers, combined with the presence of the materioptikon. He joins his family in taunting and terrifying Dorothy, and chases her down when she is rescued by Joshua Clay. He and his family try to force Dorothy to wear red shoes, a metaphor for growing up. They are defeated when Joshua destroys the materioptikon and Dorothy accepts the need to grow up, and puts on the red shoes, which are now ruby slippers.

Powers and Abilities

Flying Robert is a psychic construct. As such, he is functionally immortal for as long as his creator exists, and could presumably continue to exist for as long as the idea of him lives somewhere in someone's mind. He has reality warping abilities, but only so long as he is in proximity to a materioptikon. He has small wings, which allow him to fly.


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