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    The Flying Graysons were a group of trapeze artists in Haley's Circus, they were a family act famed for always working without a net.

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    The Flying Graysons was started by Richard Grayson's father and mother Jonathan and Mary Grayson. They were most famous for preforming without a safety net, making their act incredibly dangerous. With them preforming a triple somersault, however Dick was the only capable of doing a quadruple somersault. Jonathan and Mary were kind people, always ready to help someone else, never thinking about themselves for one second. All they wanted to do was, teach their son right from wrong and preform in the circus. However, one night all of this changed,when Mr. Haley refused to pay Anthony Zucco cash for protection, he had his men sabotage the Graysons rope so that they would fall to their deaths. So when they went to preform, Jonathan and Mary Grayson died, leaving their son an orphan. There was an upside to this, Bruce Wayne was in the crowd when he saw Dick's parents murdered. Finding a kindred spirit, Bruce adopted young Dick Grayson as his ward, and eventual sidekick.

    During the Bronze Age, Haly's Circus created an all-new Flying Graysons act, in the hopes of drumming up new business. However, this new iteration was short-lived, when it turned out one of the new members was sabotaging the circus.

    Alternate Earth's

    In Frank Miller's All Star Batman and Robin, Boy Wonder. Dick's parents get killed by Jocko-Boy Vanzetti, who was hired by the Joker. This sends Robin on his path of Justice with Batman. The story lasted 10 issues, but was canceled due to fowl language. However, Jim Lee (artist of the story) said that he and Frank will continue it for six more issues to finish the story. This will take place in 2011.

    Blackest Night

    In Blackest Night Batman #1 it is revealed that The Flying Graysons have been brought back by the Black Lanterns. They begin to attack Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, and Tim Drake.


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    In Batman the Animated Series, Robin appeared in the episode "Christmas With The Joker." However, this episode did not tell his origin story. In the episode, "Robin's Reckoning part 1 and 2" it finally told how Bruce and Dick met. Still sticking close to the comic book, it showed Tony Zucco still the murderer of Dick Grayson's parents.

    Dick Grayson's family history has also been in The TV show The Batman.

    There was mention of a Flying Grayson TV show, but it was shot down.

    Batman Forever

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    In the movie Batman Forever, The Flying Graysons are not a team consisting of three. Instead they have a fourth member. This member is Chris Grayson, the older brother of Dick Grayson. Dick's parents and brother were killed by Two-Face when the Grayson family tried to disarm a bomb.


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