Flying Dutchman

    Character » Flying Dutchman appears in 30 issues.

    A cursed Dutch pirate and former minion of Mephisto.

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    Captain Joost Van Straaten was the captain of a ship that lusted only for treasure and was consumed with greed. He had no compassion for life, only wealth. He forced his crew into a storm to find treasure and the ship was overtaken by the raging sea. He and all his crew perished. When they met with Death, his crew's souls were allowed to rest but he was not. He was named the Flying Dutchman and sent to Limbo.

    Through a conjurer, Mephisto located the Dutchman in Limbo. He pledged his allegiance to Mephisto in order to escape Limbo. Mephisto endowed him with the power to crush the Silver Surfer, one of his most hated enemies. He was also supplied with a flying pirate ship for him to travel.

    After centuries in Limbo, the Dutchman only wishes for his soul to rest in peace. He knows the only way to achieve this is to do Mephisto's bidding and obtain the Surfer's soul. He attacks the Surfer and is secretly assisted by Mephisto. In the end, he realizes he is on the wrong side and renounces his pledge to serve Mephisto. He would rather spend eternity in Limbo that do any more evil. As he passes back to Limbo, the Surfer's compassion and forgiveness allow him to finally rest in peace.


    Based on the myth and legend of the real Ghost of the Flying Dutchman, Marvels version of the character adapted by Stan Lee, Joe Sinnot, and John Buscema, with the character first appearing in Journey Into Mystery #56

    Powers and Abilities

    Flying Dutchman's Ghost possesses enhanced strength, and although he can be injured and harmed though mystical means, he is functionally immortal, due to his supernatural nature. His main offensive power consists of energy blasts projected though his right eye or via his prosthetics. Flying Dutchman has the ability to turn immaterial like a ghost.

    Physical Characteristics

    Height: 6'

    Weight: 190 lbs

    Hair: Black

    Eyes: White


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