Fly Me to the Moon #6

    Fly Me to the Moon » Fly Me to the Moon #6 - Volume 6 released by Viz on July 2021.

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    Is this manga cute enough yet? No? Better add a cat! Toast, possibly the least adorable kitten in manga, doesn’t care for Nasa and interrupts his private time with his wife. Then Nasa and Tsukasa set out on a romantic date at an amusement park, not realizing that everyone else has the same idea…including Nasa’s teacher Yanagi Sensei, who may or may not be aware she’s on a date!


    • Chapter 49: "I Believe Cuteness Is Justice"
    • Chapter 50: "Mrs. Yuzaki and Nasa, Written with the Kanji for 'Starry Sky'"
    • Chapter 51: "Healthy Is Best"
    • Chapter 52: "Defenseless Things Begging for Affection Are Cute"
    • Chapter 53: "Cat vs. Married Couple"
    • Chapter 54: "Sailor Uniforms Are Cute"
    • Chapter 55: "For This, I Went to the Land of Dreams in Maihama for the First Time in Ten Years. Alone. In the Rain."
    • Chapter 56: "Everywhere You Go, There Are Fights You Can't Lose"
    • Chapter 57: "Before the Fireworks Go Out"
    • Chapter 58: "Getting Cutesy: The Next Generation"
    • Chapter 54½: "Married Couple: How to Use a Uniform at Night"


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