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    Fly Man is a superhero created by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby

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    An orphan boy named Thomas "Tommy" Troy finds a ring from the Fly People that grants him fly powers.


    The Fly or Fly Man is a superhero created by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby for Archie Comics.

    According to Joe Simon, the original idea was that Tommy finds a ring and gains spider powers, the character had two provisional names: Spiderman and Silver Spider.

    Although he changed to a fly, the spider inspiration continued, with the Fly's first enemy being the Spider Spry.

    Some sources believe that Jack Kirby took the idea to Marvel and gave rise to Spider-Man.

    In the late 1990s, the character's rights reverted to Joe Simon. In the 2010s, Jim Simon and Jesse Simon, Simon's son and grandson, licensed the character to French publisher Organic Comix, appearing in the comic book Strange.

    In Brazil, it was published in the 60s by La Selva, to overcome the lack of material, it had stories produced by Gedeone Malagola and Luis Rodrigues.

    Organic Comix Version

    The Fly regaining his identity
    The Fly regaining his identity

    The Fly was hypnotized to believe he was Spider Spry (L'Araignée Bondissante), later in issue 351, he changes his name to Spyder-Fly (L'Araignée Mouche).

    This version debuted in Strange #344 by French publisher Organic Comix in a story written and drawn by Reed Man, later, in issue 348, he appears in a ShieldMaster (character created by Joe Simon and his son Jim Simon) story.

    His design is inspired by Spider-Man, his first appearance is based on a supposed design created by Jack Kirby, currently it has been proven to be a hoax, being an altered art from Tales To Astonish #51.


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