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    Unhappy parent & banker, Dennis Sykes was gifted & cursed the day he gained his new super powers because he was doomed to die after 30 days. He is the main character from Marvel's One Month To Live mini series.

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    Member of the Fantastic Four
    Member of the Fantastic Four
    Dennis Sykes is a typical American family man. Working as a banker he inherited his fathers home after is father passed on, he hates his job at US Mutual Banks. He is married to Abbey Sykes, a painter and they both care for his young niece Kelly, after Dennis's sister June died in a car accident. Dennis is ordered by the higher ups of US Mutual Banks to inform a local children's hospital that they could no longer fund a sculpture for its garden, despite having pledged to do so. Despite his strong objections at this act of greed, Dennis nevertheless delivered the news to the hospital. Guilt ridden and heavy hearted Dennis was heading home when he came across two men beating on an innocent civilian and trying to steal medical supplies. Dennis tries to save him and as he tries to prevent more violence the two violent men attack Dennis pouring an unknown chemical into Dennis's throat. The Thing of the Fantastic Four is there to save the day, recognizing that Dennis is in trouble, scaring the thugs away. The Thing brings Dennis to the Baxter Building so that Mr. Fantastic can examine and take a look at him. Dennis' family is there his wife Abbey and his niece that he takes care of. Kelly does not consider Dennis and Abbey her parents and just calls them from their first names. Dennis tells his family he is fine but, when they walk away Mr. Fantastic tells Dennis that he has cancer and he only has one month to live. He does not tell his family because he does not want them to worry so he keeps it to himself.


    Dennis Sykes also known as Flux and Matter, is a Marvel comic book character who first appears and stars in the limited mini series Heroic Age: One Month To Live #1 released in 2010. He was created by Rick Remender, Stuart Moore, John Ostrander, and Rob Williams. The character was only intended to be used in a limited capacity as to deliver a more poignant and realistic effect, given the characters cancer.  

    Major Story Arcs 

    Powers Manifest

    Devastating news delivered to him. Realizing that he only has a few weeks to live. Dennis wished to live the last few weeks of his life under his terms. This prompted him to return to work to quit and make his objections to their unethical practices and greed heard loudly. At home Dennis trying to come to terms with the news he would be dying in a month or less, was working on a picture frame that belonged to Kelly. It had been Kelly's mother and so possessed tremendous sentimental value. It had been broken and Dennis had been slowly and carefully remaking it. He still had a lot of work to do, however much to his surprise and shock the picture frame within in hands repaired itself to its original unbroken state. Still in disbelief over what had just happened, Samantha Parks a woman who worked at the hospital had knocked on his door. Attempting to open the door, its handle melted and then reconstituted within his hand. After Samantha apologized to him over her early outburst at him, realizing that it was the banks decision not his, Dennis had more time to consider that he had demonstrated superhuman abilities. Dennis realized he could manipulate matter. Dennis also decides that he wants the Children's Hospital to have its garden sculpture knowing how much it would mean to the children residing their and the Hospital employees. Breaking into US Mutual Banks his former place of employment using his newfound powers, Dennis steals only as much money as was initially promised by the bank to the Hospital and no more. Dennis hid the money in his home. By the morning Dennis would come to realize Kelly had seen him hide the money, and Abby was also aware alerted by Kelly. More than that they had the days newspaper which had reported a robbery. Ashamed and embarrassed Dennis would decide to return the money. Attempting to do so, by breaking in again to return the money Dennis would encounter Spider-man, who would web Dennis up assuming him to be a common criminal. Dennis would plead his case to Spider-man attempting to best explain himself and that he was returning the money. Spider-man would let Dennis go after listening to his story. Dennis would use his superpowers in the garden of the Hospital building amazing giant sculptures.      


    Dennis actions at the Hospital would not go unnoticed, in particular the local criminal kingpin Mister Negative would find out about his act of charity, and bothered at the potential positive repercussions of the act order many of his henchman to destroy the sculptures and pay a visit to Dennis's home. Spider-man and Dennis who is calling himself Matter at this point manage to stop the gangsters from destroying the Hospital sculptures, but they are late to stop the thugs and associate of Mister Negative Hammerhead from setting Dennis's family home on fire, endangering Abby and Kelly. His powers manifesting themselves in a more extreme and potent way, Dennis defeats Hammerhead and even manages to turn the deadly flames into vapor. Eventually he tells his family that he has cancer and it really takes a toll on them. Dennis ponders on what he has done in life and he figures that he can do more if he used his powers to help people. With his powers he makes statues for kids and even saves the universe with Mr. Fantastic and becomes a member of the Fantastic Four. He saves Kelly from death by sacrificing himself for her. He even defeated Hammer Head and became a member of the Avengers. In the end using his powers made his cancer get worse but, he died an honorable man and a hero, his last moments in the arms of the love of his life Abby. He even has a stature in front of a children's center where he made the statues with his powers. On the Statue it said Dennis Sykes - Given One Month To Live and Used Every Second.

    Powers and Abilities 


    Flux possesses powers that allow him to manipulate, transform, and transmute matter, the use of his powers which often manifests itself as a glow which emanates out of his hands. However the more he used his powers the faster his debilitating cancer would spread. Flux's powers would develop over time. Initially the extent of Flux's matter manipulation was limited to solid inorganic substances, such as hard rock, eventually Flux would also be able to affect and manipulate energy types, such as flame or air.  He could also freeze people to the spot by freezing the air around them. As well as increased use, increased exertion would also aggravate Dennis's cancer. Flux was fond of manipulating hard rock into solid forms, such as humanoid hands or golems that he could manipulate as if his own.     

    Physical Characteristics
    Height : 5"9'
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown 

    Identity: Publicly Known
    Place of Birth: Queens, New York
    Citizenship: USA
    Occupation: Adventurer, former banker

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