Character » Flora appears in 48 issues.

    Flora is one of the Three Good Fairies, along with the other two, Fauna and Merryweather.

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    Flora is kind and has a good heart, just like all of the other Good Fairies. However, she is by far the bravest of them all. She is usually the one to think of all the major plans, and try and carry them out to her fullest. And even though it has not been stated, Flora seems to take the role of leader, or "big sister" among the Three Good Fairies. 



    Handy Work

     - Flora like the other Good Fairies, has been seen to use magic for handy work, in Flora's particular scene, a beautiful dress for Aurora. She attempted to make a dress without magic, but it didn't go well. When she used magic however, the dress turned out perfect.



    - Like all the Good Fairies Flora has the ability to bestow a gift on people. Her particular gift she gave Aurora was the Gift of Beauty. 

    Sleep Magic

     - Along with the other Good Fairies, Flora has the ability to put people to sleep. as shown in the scene where the Three Good Fairies put all the people in the castle to sleep. 


     - Flora was seen to help out Phillip with the other Good Fairies to jump a far range, also at the climax of the film, Flora said a charm (short phrase) that threw Phillip's sword at Maleficent's dragon form heart, and eventually kill her.


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