Flora Black

    Character » Flora Black appears in 38 issues.

    A "sister" of the original Black Orchid, who has powers of disguise and persuasion. She is a hybrid of a plant and human.

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    There are 4 characters in DC Comics continuity who have taken on the mantle of Black Orchid. This page is for the 2nd Black Orchid, Flora Black.

    • For the 1st Black Orchid, see: Susan Linden
    • For the 3rd Black Orchid, see: Suzy
    • For the 4th Black Orchid, see: Alba Garcia (from New 52's Justice League Dark)


    Part plant, part human, all mystery, Black Orchid controls the minds and hearts of humankind in such a way as to render those she encounters virtually helpless to resist her. She has been many things to many men and women. A lover and friend, but never a confidant.

    Surrounded by violence, relentlessly pursued by a ruthless, exploitative corporation, and possessed of bizarre heritage, this inexplicable creature can adopt many pleasing human forms. Her real power, like that of her namesake, lies in the transcendent beauty of her form and her fragrance.

    A young woman named Sherilyn, whom Black Orchid met while maintaining one of her many human incarnations, seems to have succeeded where others failed, having grown to love and care for the Orchid in a way that few humans ever will. Together, they struggle to escape the treachery of the Logos Corporation.


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