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    Florence Steinberg is the fictional counterpart of Stan Lee's so named "Girl Friday" at Marvel Comics during the mid to late 1960's.

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    Florence "Flo" Steinberg was the so named "Girl Friday" of Stan Lee at Marvel Comics during the mid to late 1960's. After Flo graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 1960 with a degree in History, she went job-hunting in New York City until she was called on for a job-interview by Magazine Management.

    Flo found a workplace at Marvel Comics. At the time she was not too familiar with the world of comic books although this changed quickly. For more info on the real Flo, see Flo Steinberg.

    Flo in Comics

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    What If? 
    Flo made numerous cameos in Marvel Comics, the first being herself as one of the "Marvel Bullpen" Fantastic Four in the comic "What if...?" number 11.
    Ultimate Universe Flo
    Later on Flo appeared in Ultimate Fantastic Four number 27, again as herself (although her face is not visible, it is known that the creators of the comic where addressing Flo Steinberg). This time she is portrayed as a secretary of President Thor. 
    Flo and the Amazing Spider-Man
    Not soon after her last appearance, Flo and Stan make a cameo in the Amazing Spider-man Annual 37. As of 2011, Flo is the fictional secretary of Horizon Labs, the current workplace of Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-man.

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