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    Flint became a member of Team Achilles after leaving the main branch of Stormwatch. She eventually married Ben Santini, the team's leader.

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    Flint is one of the team members of Stormwatch when it was being manipulated by the evil Weatherman. She realized her commander was immoral when she was sent on a property destruction mission as a measure of revenge in enemy territory. While Flint herself was not commanded to kill, her teammate Rose Tattoo was; to kill the first 223 people she sees, no matter how innocent.

    Flint is essential to the 'Wildcats/Aliens' crossover. After the entities infiltrate Stormwatch headquarters, she is able to make it to an escape pod and crashland on Earth. This provides vital warning and allows a team to return and rescue the survivors.

    Despite Flint's durability, she is scarred by the aliens blood.


    Flint is the most durable Earth-born superhero (not counting artificially enhanced super beings) in the Wildstorm Universe. She still feels pain but her body is nearly indestructible and she has a very high pain threshold. She's withstood numerous explosions (ranging from RPGs in the face to standing ground zero in city leveling explosions) and never sustained an injury. She's also impervious to energy blasts and other forms of physical trauma. The only time she has ever been damaged was when an Aliens's acidic blood scarred the side of her head and her shoulder (no other acid has had this affect). In addition to her considerable durability, she's also exceptionally strong, able to reduce reinforced buildings to rubble with a single punch. As a member of Stormwatch, Flint has recieved martial arts training, making her even more dangerous than the average super strong character. One seldom showcased superpower Flint possesses is super speed. She doesn't run fast, but she can react many times faster than a normal human and on occasion (showcased and joked about several times in Stormwatch Team Achilles) do tasks like strip naked and redress in the blink of an eye.


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