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    Jason also known as Flint is one of the new "Nuhumans" activated after the terrigen bomb.

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    Jason was a newly emerged Inhuman from Minnesota who was found by Lash and taken to the city of Orollan. While there he received a new name, Korvostax that was forced upon him by Lash.


    Flint was created by Charles Soule and Joe Madureira and first appeared in Inhuman issue 3 (2014).

    Major Story Arcs

    Joining the other Team

    He was later introduced to a couple of new Inhumans like Mother Bones and Grove to name a few. Jason and the others were tasked with rebuilding a wall without prior experience on how to do so, Jason asked why Lash isn't showing them how to repair this wall the others tell him it is unwise to speak like that there used to be two more in there group. While working on the wall, Orollan was attacked by Queen Medusa and some members of the royal guard including Inferno. Lash tells them that Queen Medusa is here to kill them and urges them to fight or die. As the battle rages on in fear for his life Jason taps into his powers and starts throwing rocks at Gorgon. Lash then draws on the energy of the volcanic springs to power up his energy blast which he then fires randomly in to the crowd. Jason is saved by Gorgon who then stuns Lash with a small tremor. After Medusa defeated Lash, Jason drops the name Korvostax and asked if he can join them in New Attilan.

    Powers and Abilities


    After undergoing the terrigenesis Flint acquired powerful geokinetic powers which he can use in several ways.

    • Geokinesis: Flint has the ability to control rocks and even levitate them. His ability works primarily on rock and stone, it is more difficult to work with soil. He has been shown while in space to be able to 'pull' slightly on a dwarf planet so that it's gravitational pull can capture his enemies.
    • Rock Form: He has also the ability to use his geokinesis to call rocks from earth and form shell from rocks around him.
      • Superhuman Strength: In this form Flint possess superhuman strength.
      • Durability: In this form Flint is also durable to most harm.

    Other Media

    Flint appears in Avengers Assemble voiced by James Mathis III, first appearing in "Civil War, Part 1: The Fall of Attilan".

    Flint also appears in the fifth season of Agents of Shield played by Coy Stewart, first appearing in episode 3 "A Life Spent".


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