Flexo the Rubber Man

    Character » Flexo the Rubber Man appears in 21 issues.

    Golden age robot Hero made out of living rubber. He is later revealed to be a metal symbiote hybrid.

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    Flexo the Rubber Man is a robot composed of a rare material informally dubbed as live rubber. Flexo was created by two brothers, Joel Williams and Joshua Williams. The robot had a own personality and soon started fighting crime. Although he was made out of rubber, he was amazingly strong. The brothers would use Flexo to help them apprehend Dr Otto Murdo. Flexo would also join Johnny Woo's G-Men. However the truth was that he was made up of Symbiote matter.


    Flexo is a Marvel comic book character created by Will Harr and Jack Binder. Flexo first appears in Mystic Comics #1 released in 1940.

    Character Evolution

    A golden age character, Flexo would fall into a large period of inactivity, but has recently reappeared in the modern day with a revival of use in Marvel Zombies Destroy series.He later returns in the Venom run by Ai Ewing being revealed to be a symbiote/robot hybrid.

    Major Story Arcs

    Marvel Zombies Destroy

    Flexo is drafted into Howard the Duck's team called the Ducky's Dozen, under the direction of A.R.M.O.R.. He joins with other heroes such as Taxi Taylor and Red Raven. Their first mission is to go to Earth-12591, a reality over run by Nazi-Zombies, and stop the Nazi-Zombies from coming to Earth-616. After barely escaping a Zombie Version of the Invaders, Zombie versions of Valkyries, and Zombie versions of the Asgardian Gods, the team makes it into the Nazi-Zombie headquarters. It is there that Flexo, along with Blazing Skull and Libertas, are eaten by zombie versions of Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder. His surviving teammates would destroy the zombie threat.

    Powers and Abilities

    Composed of a material known as live rubber, Flexo the Rubber Man, is a robot who possesses super human durability, resistance and resilience. Bullets fired at Flexo will harmlessly bounce off and any indents would simply reset or reseal. Flexo possesses super human flexibility and stretchability as his body is superhumanly malleable. Flexo also possesses greater speed and strength, allowing for rapid movement and the ability to lift objects several tons heavy. Flexo can fly by virtue of gas propulsion. Flexo can rapidly whirl himself for offensive purposes.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: 6'
    • Weight: 700 lbs
    • Hair: None
    • Eyes: Black

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