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Dr Angela Peveecy deciding to use her knowledge of aerobics, health science, and imaginative use of exercise equipment to fight crime becomes Lycra Woman, she also enlists the aid of her most promising aerobics student Tara who becomes her side-kick Spandex Girl.

Together as the Aerobic Duo they faces a series of super-villains, mad scientists, and would-be world dictators, however clean living, healthy food, tight colorful clothing and lots and lots of cardio intensive aerobic exercise see them through it all.

Later Angela changes her crime fighting nom de guerre to Flex Woman.




Created by writer Bryan J.L. Glass and artist Michael Avon Oeming during the Black & White independent comic boom brought about by TMNT these characters started out as "Lycra Woman & Spandex Girl" in a parody of the now almost forgotten Electra Woman & Dyna Girl segments of the "Krofft Supershow" TV series from 1976. They were used mainly as a satire of comics, and television of the time. 
Things became complicated however when DuPont sued the creators for using the name Lycra without their permission, as such all unsold copies of the series had to be recalled and destroyed, as it wasn't that big a seller it means that copies of the original version are very rare.  
Later Glass and Oeming brought the pair back in new costuming, with Angela Peveecy renamed Flex Woman, how they got away with keeping the name Spandex, which is just another name for Lycra is unknown to me.  

Thus renamed the Aerobic Duo appeared in a number of series, the last one starting in 1997


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