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Very little is known about the Flerken species to date. What is made apparent is that they have the distinct appearance of an Earth born domesticated feline. The only known example of the Flerken alive to date is the animal companion of Carol Danvers, the legacy heroine to Captain Marvel. Chewie was the last known Flerken specimen left to date, Ms. Marvel being unaware of her xenomorphic origins for most of the creatures tenure in Carol's care. Until an adventure while traveling in space lead to an encounter with an opposing extraterrestrial force showcased just how far removed from Earth it well and truely was. Having lain over 117 egg sacks which would hatch into baby flerken kittens whom would later be cared for at an off world Rehab and Relocation Center.



The Flerken seemingly have the ability to Asexually reproduce using the pocket dimensional spaces within their mouths. Able to jestate hundreds of eggs containing baby alien civet's which hatch almost immediately after birth.


Body Type: Quadrupedal/Creatural

Avg Height: Same as cats, small animals

Avg Weight: Same as cats, small animals

Eyes: Two

Hair Color: orange

Skin Color: unknown

Fingers: none

Toes: 12

Special Adaptations: Internally extruded tentacles and nested mouths.

Habitat: None known

Gravity: Unknown

Atmosphere: Unknown

Population: 118 (initially 1)

Type of Government: Nonexistant

Level of Technology: None

Cultural Traits: Fauna, vermin

Powers & Abilities

The Flerken race possess microcosmic universes stored within their mouths. Through which they can protrude ravenous razor maws and writhing tentacles used to lash and bite and consume just about anything or anyone they wish too. An alien veterinarian states that their cheeks are often used to store just about anything they get their paws on within internally stored pocket dimensions. Through which they can hold onto items of interest larger than their physical size and mass within slices of space/time located within other universes and their adjacent dimensions. They can also use their internal portals to warp from place to place in a rather disgusting instantaneous transmission. Besides all of these interspatial attributes the typical Flerken, while seemingly unintelligent, possesses a keen sapient mind enabling the ascertaining of proper speech and situational understanding. Carol's pet Chewie being able to grasp her owners words with relative ease.


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