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A legendary, notorious and powerful figure, rumors and folktales speak of Flemeth the Witch of the Wilds, a dangerous witch that has walked Thedas for many thousands of years. Capable of shapeshifting and altering her appearance, Flemeth is also quite mysterious, and so true knowledge about her prone to inaccuracies or exaggeration. Flemeth is also notably the mother of Morrigan, Yavana and other witches of the wilds.


Flemeth is created by Bioware.

Character Evolution

Flemeth is quite a mysterious character with the Dragon Age franchise, neither being strictly antagonistic nor a protagonist, and being rather important for a supporting character.

Major Story Arcs

Grey Wardens



Powers and Abilities

Extremely powerful magic wielder and shapeshifter. Flemeth can transform into a powerful and large dragon.


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