Character » Flederweb appears in 9 issues.

    A Khund warrior in DC Comics and a short-lived member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

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    A Khundish boy born on the planet Aetia, the unnamed Flederweb was one of many experimental test subjects for the Khund army. He was given enhancements that changed his physiology, giving him bat-like wings and the ability to cling to walls. Dubbed Flederweb, he was forced into service in the Khund army against his will. To ensure the bitter Khund boy wouldn't rebel, he was fitted with a mind-controlling device that telepathically forced him to obey his orders by the military. He went on to become a fine bounty hunter for them with his acrobatic and aerial skills.

    Major Story Arcs

    Flederweb was chosen as one of the four Khund warriors to join the Legion of Super-Heroes in an assault to defeat the sorcerer Mordru and his undead minions. Flederweb was deputized a Legionnaire for the duration of the mission and participated in most of the battles in the fighting against Mordru, surviving the adventure. He apparently even grew fond of fighting alongside the Legion, or possibly feared the Khund military, unhappy when he and Veilmist were pulled from the Legionnaires. Flederweb willingly returned to service and the Legion later discovered the reason why when running across the Khunds on a later mission: Flederweb had been outfitted with a mind control device by the Khunds. Brainiac 5 deduced that Flederweb may not even be a Khund at all. Free of his captor's control, Flederweb aided the Legionnaires in fighting off an attack on Weber's World and in trying to dismantle the bombs Firefist had set on the planet. Once the crisis was averted, he joined the Heroes of Lallor whom he had fought with on Weber's World and returned with them to their world.


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