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    The Flaxans are a warrior race from another dimension who use their technology to capture slaves from other dimensions.

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    Note: Time passes faster to a member of the Flaxan race while in our dimension, seconds or minutes spent on Earth can be the equivalent of days or years to a Flaxan. This obstacle was overcome by the development of artificial damping devices called "chronobands" which when worn by the Flaxan, equalized the passage of time with that of their dimension. When these dampers are removed all artificial cell molecules disintergrate and natural ageing returns almost instantly.

    History: The Flaxans are a warlike race of humanoids from another dimension who have attempted to conquer Earth on seven occasions. Flaxans originate from the planet Flaxan, which is located in a dimension where time moves faster than it does in are dimension. The first Flaxan assault on Earth was repulsed by Omni-Man and his son Invincible, who together came to be known as the scourge of the Flaxan Empire. With advanced weaponary and sheer numbers, the Flaxan army proved a formidable challenge for the two heroes, until the time variance between the Flaxan and Earth dimensions began to take its toll on the invaders. In the Flaxan dimension, time passes quickly relative to the Earth dimension, thus minutes spent on Earth may equal months to a Flaxan. The precise ratio of chronal varience is unknown, but at the end of the lengthy battel with Omni-Man and Invincible, the Flaxan forces had aged to the point of decrepitude. The aged army staggered through a dimensional portal back to their home world, humiliated. The vanquished Flaxans recovered and plotted their revenge. They abducted Omni-Man, pulling him into their dimension and negating his powers. Omni-Man was enslaved for eight months by the military on the planet Flaxan, where he was tortured and subject to painful tests. While Omni-Man was imprisioned, a popular uprising against the Flaxan Empire exploded into an armed rebellion. The rebels freed Omni-Man, who led them into battel against the Flaxan military. At last Omni-Man regained his powers and unleashed their full force against their former captors. Omni-Man rampaged across the planet, wreaking immense damage on the imperial infrastructure. A team of rebel scientist's returned Omni-Man home through a dimensional portal with their thanks. The devastation that Omni-Man caused took centuries to repair, and during that time the Flaxans once again their planned their revenge against the Scourge of the Flaxan Empire. They studied the material from Omni-Man's costume to learn about the properties of his dimension, they learned English from recordings of Omni-Man speaking, and most importantly, they invented the chrono-bands.

    The chrono-bands were wristband devices that equalized the passage of time on Earth with their home dimension, negating the crippling aging effects that had defeated their first army several centuries before. The Emperor himself personally led the invasion force of infantry, crab tanks, and assault ships through a massive dimensional gate and on to Earth. This second Flaxan invasion force was countered by Invincible, Atom Eve, and the new Guardians of the Globe. The Flaxans threatened to overwhelm the small force of defenders with endless waves of troops. The Emperor gloted over his impending victory. In a lengthy soliloquy, he foolishly explained the purpose of the chrono-bands to the heroes, who promptly began destroying the wristbands. Deprived of the chrono-bands, the Flaxan army began aging rapidly and were forced to retreat. It remains to be seen whether the Flaxans will attempt yet another invasion of Earth.

    Original Dimension: Unknown

    Star system: Unknown

    Planet: Flaxan

    Gravity: Similar to Earth

    Atmosphere: Similar to Earth

    Population: Unknown

    Physical Characteristics:

    Type: Humanoid

    Eyes: Two

    Toes: Four

    Fingers: Four

    Skin color: Green

    Average height: 6' 1"

    Type of government: Autocratic Empire

    Level of tecnology: Highly advanced, capable of travel between dimensions.

    Cultural traits: Warlike, dedicated to plundering weaker opponents.


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