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    Flaw was a War-Skrull whose powers were augmented with cybernetic implants. He was a powerful X-men and Starjammers foe who is one of many responsible for the deaths of Jean Grey's family members. Following the death of Black Cloak he has taken command of the Shiar Death Commando's.

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    Flaw is a member of Shi'ar Death Commandos. A secret elite military unit composed of various alien warriors that come from within the entire Shi'ar Empire. Flaw is a Warskrull, an enhanced elite class of Skrull. His teams mission is to hunt down Rachel Grey and eliminate her bloodline. Although the Commandos are successful in branding Rachel with a Phoenix tattoo allowing the Shi'ar to monitor her location, they are unable to hold on to her. They are successful in eliminating the majority of her family. In the ensuring battles against the X-Men, Flaw is defeated by the X-Men member Colossus.


    Flaw is created by Chris Claremont and Chris Bachalo, and is a member of the Shi'ar Death Commandoes, character and team first appearing in Uncanny X-Men #467 released in 2006.

    Powers and Abilities

    As a member of the Skrull race, Flaw, has innate shapeshifting abilities. As a Warskrull, his powers are further augmented, and specialized as well as generally more powerful. Flaw appears to be enhanced by additional technological means, such as cybernetic implants.


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