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    Volume » Published by DC Comics. Started in 1999.

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    Flashpoint is an Elseworlds tale dealing with the Flash and other Silver Age characters set in a timeline diverging in the 1960's. The Flash, Barry Allen, played a part at key turning points in the Cold War including stopping the Vietnam War before it started and turning the Bay of Pigs operation into a success. Flash was crippled saving JFK's life in Dallas. Since being crippled, Barry Allen has gone public and is a world renowned celebrity. His mind still worked at super speed and so, in some cases working in concert with Vandal Savage, Allen brought many scientific advances to the American people, including overseeing the colonization of Mars, inventing subspace teleportation and prolonging JFK's life so that he is still President of the United States in 1999.

    An archaeological team including Wally West and James Jesse discovers a mysterious artifact on Mars that may have connections to Allen's speed. Private Detective Ralph Dinby and J'onn J'onzz also play key roles as the story unfolds.

    Collected in DC Elseworlds: Justice League Volume Three.


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