Discontinuing Flashpoint this week...

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So I'm discontinuing Flashpoint this week and am really having mixed feeling about it. I've always enjoyed alternate universe type arcs and thus far I've mostly really enjoyed the writing. So why stop getting them in my weekly pull? Well no matter how much I'm really enjoying the story itself, and the chance to get back into DC in general it mostly falls into economics. I'm having trouble justifying paying to see Flashpoint through the end, when in the end none of it will matter. I picked up every one of the starting Flashpoint comics but just to complete out what I have would cost over $100. That's a lot of cash. It's easier to look at the pull every week and not think it's that much but when I look at it like this I just can't justify it. But I always feel bad to cancel subscriptions cause the owner of my local shop is such a great guy and his kids are always running around the shop. And there is that collector's need to finish a collection out. Either way I'm canceling later today. Maybe it'd be different if the relaunch wasn't 2 months away or there were permanent implications. Once the relaunch starts I'll be selectively coming back to DC.  
Am I the only one who is feeling this way? Anyone else done this?

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I'm actually really enjoying it, more so than most alternate reality stuff. now is the time I'm really excited. I made it through the wave of tie-in books to find the ones that interest me. I also know that reading these will lead up to the "revamp" , "reboot", whatever in September.  
Just my opinion but I've found it to be a pretty fun read.
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Just buy the main issues.

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