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Flashpoint: Wonder Woman And the Furies #1-3

Something happened to the timestream and the superheroes of the known universe are no longer the same! This applies to heroic icon, Wonder Woman, more than anyone who now leads an army of women warriors against former allies in a war that threatens to engulf the entire planet. What started out as an almost fresh and vogue take on the Amazing Amazon quickly fell apart in this mini-series middle and final chapters. 
The young Princess Diana of the Amazons seemed a confident, compassionate, albeit slightly naive, young woman who is powerful in her own right and possibly looking for greater purpose beyond the shores of Paradise Island. Ultimately this version of Diana revealed to be incredibly foolish and dimwitted when her aunt (?), Penthesilea, co-orchestrates the destruction of the Amazon isle, the Amazons' terrorism of the United Kingdom, and their war against Atlantis -- all done by Diana's deluded hand. One might suppose Wonder Woman isn't herself after witnessing the deaths of her mother, Queen Hippolyta, and best friend and bodyguard, Phillipus. (more devious work accomplished by her renegade aunt and her operatives), but Diana's turn of character and faith in her Amazon aunt seemed so unnatural and out of place after this-would-be heroine revealed her plan with former compatriot, Arthur (AKA Aquaman), to unite the Amazons and Atlanteans in peace, thereby pooling their resources to help save the planet from the outside world (i.e. us). When this event fails, Diana apparently managed to convert methuman women to her cause against Atlantis and dubs these soldiers her Furies. Why the Huntress, Vixen, Hawkgirl, Terra, Giganta, the Cheetah or the Silver Swan would join the Amazon ranks is never explained, although those who are known as being villainous may have been coerced by the diabolical Penthesilea. What's more is Diana's complete lack of regard for her former underwater friends and total betrayal when she beheads, Mera, Aquaman's lover! It isn't until the very end that in a rushed exposition of how the Amazon traitor teamed with Ocean Master, the Atlantean turncoat , Diana realizes her folly too late and both warring sides have already come (to what appears to be) final blows.  
A convoluted tale that jumped between past and altered present with multiple artists who don't hold up to the work of issue #1's, Steve Clark. This series developed a Wonder Woman who, in rapid succession, became a traitor to allies and a terrorist,  in a word, a super-villain. There seemed to be very little redeeming qualities of this Queen of the Amazons, true she did discover the truth and it seemed she was adamant about correcting wrongs she so foolishly played a part in, there wasn't a full resolution given, so a true Wonder Woman ... this is not. 
~ Hype

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