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Can We Keep This Version of Diana?

The first issue of Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the furies. And it is good.

The Good

What isn't good about this issue? It kept me at the edge of my seat at the turn of every page. If you're unfamiliar with Wonder Woman, or never really had an interest in her character, this is still a good book for you to pick up. This isn't the Wonder Woman we are all familiar with; this, like many of DC's Flashpoint characters, is a completely different take on Wonder Woman's character- and it is awesome.

The creative team sets her up to be a powerful and independent character from the get-go when they establish that she voluntarily embarks on an adventure to see the world outside of Themyscira. That means no Steve Trevor landing on the island, which really makes more sense for an origin story anyway. This incarnation of Diana is adventurous and hard headed, but later we see her more diplomatic side. She's full of spunk and character- and it's interesting. One issue in and I feel like here, Diana has a distinct identity; something I feel many writers struggle with when writing Wonder Woman.

The Bad

The art is something I wasn't too crazy about. A lot of the panels are aesthetically pleasing. I like the way Wonder Woman looks, I thinks she's pretty. At the same time, I feel like in some panels the artist took a random backdrop and pasted her image over it in photoshop. The art definitely was finished in photoshop, which you can tell based on the number of duplicate layers that were used in the backgrounds of the majority of the panels. This is really evident in more crowded scenes of Diana on the island. In that sense, the art doesn't feel uniform. It doesn't look like someone spent a lot of time actually drawing the issue.

The Verdict

While you probably don't need Wonder Woman and the Furies in order to understand the basis of Flashpoint, I think this is an issue all fans will want to read because the story is really good. It's interesting, and its a new take on the famous DC character- what's not to like?


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Posted By sj_esposito

Good review, good book. I think the art was actually rushed, as you pointed out. I know the artists must be under a ton of pressure to get everything done before August, and therefore are probably doing a lot of digital editing to speed up the process.

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Posted By Top Flight Security

I'm with you Babs! Let's keep this version of Wonder Woman.

Avatar image for doordoor123
Posted By doordoor123

Why are all of these FlashPoint Tie-in's so good? Ive been pleasantly surprised.

Avatar image for mr__kamikaze
Posted By Mr. Kamikaze

The last take on said famous DC character didn't actually take so well. :P

But I will definitely pick this up. Wonder Woman has become one of, if not my absolute, favorite character of DC since starting to read DC.

I'm interested to see what else they can do...

Avatar image for ensabahnurx
Posted By EnSabahNurX

Make her main continuity like this character and more people would read her. I'm really enjoying the flashpoint world and want some stuff to carry over(much like AoX which had some good stuff)

Avatar image for b_town
Posted By B'Town

I am so glad to hear this is a good book, I was really hoping it would be. This is the ONE Flashpoint book I had really been looking forward to. I had heard at least one review, saying it wasn't so great. I do trust your opinion, so I am excited got get my book. Thank you thank you!

Avatar image for waruikumo
Posted By waruikumo

I really liked this issue, and felt it was probably one of the top 3 or 4 Flashpoint tie-in's. 
Good work!

Avatar image for jrock85
Posted By jrock85

Great review Babs!

Avatar image for GrimoireMyst
Posted By GrimoireMyst

Wonder Woman was good just never like Artemis in the first place. lol

Avatar image for fodigg
Posted By fodigg

What is it about this WW's identity that makes you prefer her to the mainstream Diana?

Avatar image for nazer858
Posted By nazer858

(LTTP) Armored Wonder Woman looks so badass.

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