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Flashpoint through a regular person's eyes



I am not a big fan of the cover. The black things shouting out are kind of strange. It is not very attractive for the cover.


Traci thirteen is living the world of Flashpoint through the normal people’s eyes. She has magical powers and lost her mother and brothers because she was not powerful enough. Her father is not close to her ever since this happened. Her father is part of an organization called H.I. V.E Council. They are trying to save the world from the war between Aquaman and Wonder Woman but the result might be killing millions of people.

Best Part

I am not too familiar with the character Traci 13 but I guess the good thing about this being a Flashpoint mini series is that you really do not need to know anything about the character. But I am glad that they showed a little background of the character in this issue. She says it is like she seeing things from another world but she knows it is not true because that is not the world she lives in. So, the question is will all the heroes see that there was another world, the real DC universe, that they were different in or is it just Traci that can see this. I am very happy I picked up this mini series because it is very interesting and I am actually excited to pick up the next issue.

Worst Part

In this issue they mention about the Aquaman and Wonder Woman war. Which we are not familiar with yet because it was not really mentioned in the first issue of the main Flashpoint series. So, for a person who just picked this issue on whim and does not follow comic book news on the internet will have no idea why the world is in such disaster.


I really liked the art for this issue. It reminds me of the art in the first Flashpoint issue and I very much enjoyed. I also like the magic for the art I like the colors that they use.

Pick it up or not

Pick it up!!!

4 out of 5 

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