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    Decent Issue-But Not what I was expecting

    See I went into this comic in the way I told myself not to, being a HUGE FAN of Shade the Changing Man and Black Orchid I was hoping of more of the same. Or if different not entirly different stroy. What I got was a story using the ORIGINAL Shade, who Pre-Vertigo was incredibly boring but they took this boring character and upped him into something decently interesting. This comic also is clearly not going to be a Vertigo praise-athon. They took the characters developed by Vertigo into awesome characters and pushed them aside, taking the original DC versions and using them. This is something I am not entirely happy with at this moment, but I will give it the entire run before I make a sound an judged decision. Now onto the action Review. 
    Story-Pro: Its a mix between a detective story and a real good acid trip, as much as that sounds funny its the total opposite. We see deep an dark emotions through the entire issue. Especially during the scenes on Meta, where very disturbing things happen both in Rac's mind and in reality. This comic also turns Enchantress into a real decent character, no offense to fans of her during Nightwatch or whatever team she was on but this version is actually readable. She seems actually more comforatble in my head as a villain rather than a hero, and the last pages prove that something very wicked is on its way in Rac's life. These are some of the coolest parts of the story so far, showing Rac and his disturbing powers through the Meta-Jacket along with Enchantress being a baddie...sorta. 
    Cons-Interpretation of Black Orchid in this issue and how quick it was pissed me off, im a devotee Vertigo fan in blood and body. So this comic in the end is going to please me greatly or piss me off to no end. I did not like how quick they showed an got rid of Black Orchid in this issue, hopefully we will get some more background on Rac's team in his past other than "They all committed suicide." I want more background to this story, and heres to hoping that next issue shows more of it. 
     Score 3.5
    Art-Its alot like Vertigo comics art and i love every single panel. It gets a five for art.

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