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FLASH FACT: The Resistance has found Britain's last great hope, the enigmatic and immensely powerful Brittania. It's time to take back England! 
The Resistance has found their ultimate weapon: Britannia. Listen as Penny Black tells the story of her origins as the biotechnologically armored warrior and watch as she joins the Resistance to bring down those who’ve destroyed her homeland. But when she comes face to face with Wonder Woman, a shocking realization will impact the Queen of the Amazons more than even Britannia could have anticipated. Which one of these femme fatales will emerge as the victor of their showdown?


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The Remains of the Fray 0

This was a disappointing end to a series which started off with such an interesting concept.  The resistance is up against the Furies and so most of this issue is just a big battle sequence.  There is a small revelation about Penny, and Britannia finally shows up but mostly the issue has run out of steam before it even started.  A big part of this is that it was sort of wrapped up previously in another Flashpoint issue, making this one kind of pointless at times because for those reading the res...

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So It's Britannia and the Resistance Now. 0

While the final issue of Lois Lane and the Resistance does move away from treating Grifter as the main character, that does not mean the focus shifts entirely back to Lois Lane.  The tie-in ends much as it began with Lois feeling like a supporting character along for the ride rather than a lead character driving the story.  If you were to jump into this limited series with the final issue and did not real the title of it, you could easily believe the character of Britannia is supposed to be the ...

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Surprisingly fun and beautifully drawn. 0

Issue #1 of "Lois Lane and the Resistance" was a mediocre book with more unintended laughs than interesting plot points. Issue #2 was a dramatic turn around and was thoroughly entertaining. Now we have issue #3, the finale to Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's Flashpoint tie-in series. What I really liked about the second issue was the focus on the Resistance. They're such a quirky but cool assortment of characters ranging from the gun-wielding Grifter to the screeching Canterbury Cricket. Yes, Lois...

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