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FLASH QUESTION: Lois Lane meets the mysterious leader of the Resistance – but will she survive? 
While raiding London on a top-secret assignment, The Resistance falls under Amazonian attack. When they cross paths with Lois Lane, she becomes the newest member of the Resistance. But when they are betrayed by one of their own, can Lois and the rest of the Resistance prevent their seemingly inevitable doom?

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The circus is in town, Piccadilly Circus that is 0

I really liked the first issue of this three part miniseries.  I thought the concept behind it was interesting, being a resistance fighter in a dystopian world.  This issue however shows that the concept while being novel can quite as easily just descend back into a fairly formulaic story.  It is not that there is anything really wrong with this issue, it is in fact a decent amount of fun with some good plot developments, its just that it is pretty stereotypical for a team book.  The team comes ...

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Apparently Flashpoint Lois Is Not a Strong Female Character. 0

Those who were interested in the concept of Lois Lane as a main character and active participant in the resistance against the Amazons occupation of the United Kingdom are in for severe disappointment, because that is just not this book. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning seem to have decided that Lois isn't interesting enough to be a main character, and this book quickly becomes Grifter and the Resistance.  Lois Lane is a piece of baggage that gets carried around this issue. There is really no charact...

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I regret picking up this issue! 0

Ok so this issue was definitely more focused on Grifter and how he became part of the Resistance. So this issue doesn’t continue right away from last issue. We start out with the Resistance fighting the Amazon Furies. The Resistance consists of: Grifter, Godiva, Canterbury Cricket, Etrigan, and Hyde. The Resistance wins the fight. Lois soon meets up with them after Penny was captured from last issue. Grifter then tells the story of when he met Penny and she wore this suit called Britania. They ...

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