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Cameos Can't Save You

The Good: 
One of my favorite parts of Flashpoint is looking at every issue and tie-in and saying, "which characters are going to be in this?" I did enjoy seeing all of the inmates, most of which you recognize from the regular DC Universe. And who wouldn't love the prison, which was featured in an old cartoon featuring some...friends that are just super! 
The Bad: 
It's been said before, but the dialogue wasn't very impressive. The whole beginning fight seen, featuring Jason's death, just seemed boring and hard to believe. 
There are many Flashpoint minis coming out. I've been getting all of them, but if you're looking for the best quality one...this isn't it. Nevertheless, I'll definitely be picking up parts 2 and 3 after that violent ending (speaking of which, I love the surprising character's new costume!).

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    To be honest I really didnt go into this issue expecting to much, and what I got was actually worse than I was expecting.  The Bad: This issue was mediocre all around. The characterization of Heat wave is depressingly one note, especially considering how awesome he was written under the pen of Geoff Johns. Firestorm was absolutely wasted in this issue, only being used as a means to an end for Heat Wave to be thrown in the slammer, and the lack of reaction from Ronnie Raymond after he saw his par...

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    The first issue of Flashpoint's Legion of Doom tie-in gives a very bad first impression. The opening conflict between Heatwave and Cyborg feels confused, rushed and weighed down by some truly awful dialogue written by Adam Glass. (A personal favorite exchange: "Didn't your mommy ever tell you not to play with matches, Heatwave?" "Sure did! So I burned her to death!") The fact that Rodney Buchemi's pencils look rushed and sketchy at parts doesn't help matters, and there are some truly inexcusable...

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