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FLASH FACT! Where is he? Or should we say when?

Kid Flash wakes up in the 31st century where the speed force doesn't exist, Brainiac has taken over earth, and his only ally is Patty Spivot, who has taken up the role of Hot Pursuit. It's up to the impromptue duo to fix the speed force, and get back to the 21st century before Kid Flash is erased from time itself.



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A Whole New World 0

SPOILERS  This issue begins on Hot Pursuit, a recent character that was created in the Road to Flashpoint storyline, only to die at the end of it. This new Hot Pursuit is ironically enough being chased by the police through the streets of Central City. He manages to escape, but the flux capacitor in his motorcycle suddenly detects some serious anomalies in the space-time continuum, and mysteriously teleports him to safety.  We then cut to the Flash and Kid Flash running through the streets of Ce...

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comic vine 0

i really enjoy comic vine. i like setting up everything too. this isn't much of a review. if u need a follower come and see me. get to know me too. i just started. need help? follow me. ever since i got into superheroes i saw the flash. really i first heard of kid flash. who is super cute. anyway i know allot about speedsters now. i watched Justice League and the unlimited. Young Justice was the best and i really want to know if Wally ever came back to earth. he's in another dimension so don't f...

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Hello sorry but can I have some directions to get to 2011? 0

Awwww hopefully next time there will be more FP counterparts instead of just *SPOILERS* braniac*SPOILERS* Not really big spoilers because there listed as a character in the book but anyway heres my review. Writing.  Sterling Gates does a good job on this book. So the story is very good for what it is but doesn't seem crucial to Flashpoint or Flash but I'm a Kid Flash fan so I'll keep reading. I found something confusing with Hot Pursuit I'm not going to say who's under the mask but here's my que...

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