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    FLASH FACT! They can't survive unless they find their maker!  

    Frankenstein and the Creatures of The Unknown uncovers the wierd war tales of the FLASHPOINT world. When Frankenstein awakens in issue one, his first words are “was… something… left… undone?” What is he referring to? Where has Frankenstein been?

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    Spoiler Alert: Frankenstein killed Hitler 0

    Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown is a bit different than the other Flashpoint tie-ins. Frankenstein and his crew were put into suspended animation after WWII, in which Frankenstein killed Adolf Hitler, and they all awake in 2011 to a world that is new and different. Plus, ANOTHER Batman villain dies.  The GoodPeace out Hitler! I'm always in favor for Hitler dying in a comic, especially if the person killing him is Frankenstein. Now, I still haven't read Seven Soldiers, and I've neve...

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    Frankstein Kills Hitler! 0

    Let's get one thing straight about this issue. Perhaps a third through, DC's Frankenstein character just flat out kills Hitler. It's glorious.  Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown is an update of DC's frequently revisited Creature Commandos feature that begin in, as the title would would suggest, Weird War Tales. This is a plus for me. DC has focused too much in recent years on its superheroes- they have such a huge sandbox to play in! Part of this is our, the readers', fault for not s...

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    Now here is where it gets interesting 0

    During World War II, they were heroes. Creatures with abilites far beyond those of mortal men. Led by Frankenstein's monster, these scientifically created monsters, they fight on the side of the Americans. However, after the end of the war, they're obsolete.  The Good  Here is where it gets interesting. So far, we've had Batman - who we know in its basics - and Aquaman - who's also well-known. Now we get Frankenstein, a character that hasn't been touched by many people in recent years. Or ever, ...

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