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    Probably best not to tell them their world's about to end

    WARNING: Possible spoilers.  You have been warned.
    One of the better tie-ins of Flashpoint concludes with a solid end, which sees Deathstroke show how he's a badass no matter what reality it is, and him also get the kind of ending that his mainstream counterpart probably never will receive.  And it is that good ending that makes the overall end of Flashpoint that much more tragic.
    But I'm straying dangerously close to spoiling things, assuming I haven't already.  Suffice to say, its a great read, and Deathstroke definitely kicks a fair bit of ass before all is said and done.  As the plot summary mentions, Deathstroke's crew do indeed mutiny, and it leads to a fair amount of extreme violence, from both the mutineers, and a very unhappy Deathstroke.  Now, I confess I am not familiar with "Blaze" but I liked her here.  A classic tough girl, with purple hair apparently.   I'm a bit more familiar with Icicle and Sonar, but again, this tie-in, and actually Flashpoint as a whole, really do use a lot of minor characters.  I wouldn't be surprised if readers of Flashpoint who are not as well versed in DC's long history might think that some of the characters are just original ones exclusive to the Flashpoint world.
    The nice thing here is that we see just how smart Deathstroke is, and why he's been compared to Batman before.  He plays his cards pretty well at the end, and sells you on the notion (assuming you haven't been sold on it yet already) that he's a professional.
    And now to the art.  The art starts out being pretty good, but then the art style inexplicably changes about halfway through, and the art in the second part is AWFUL.  It is horribly lazy and boring with only one or two good panels to redeem it, and that change really hurts the story.  Thankfully though, the solid colors are not changed, or at least I can't really notice any change.
    From beginning to end, Deathstroke and the Curse of the Ravager stands as being the Flashpoint tie-in most worth reading aside from Batman: Knight of Vengeance and maybe also Citizen Cold.  Deathstroke is shown here as being not much different from the one we know, but is in a much different context, and it leads to what might actually just be my personal favorite idea/concept introduced in Flashpoint.

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