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Ice to See You

Citizen Cold is the hero of Central City in the Flashpoint world and not the Flash. Much like the Thomas Wayne version of Batman, he does the super-hero thing his own way, even if that means taking a life or two along the way. However, Wally West thinks there's something fishy about Citizen Cold and does some recon to figure out who the man is behind the freeze-gun, and weird blue glasses.

The Good

I'm a big Scott Kolins fan. In fact, I'm a HUGE Scott Kolins fan. To me, he's one of the very few people that can pull off the writer/artist book. He's got his own style, and it really fits in with the Flash world more than anything else I've read of his. Citizen Cold is awesome in this book. He is a bit like his Earth-1 counter-part, except on the side of good, and he may have saved people from certain doom in this issue. Luckily, the rest of the old Rogue Gallery is still together and plotting Citizen Cold's demise with the help from one of my favorite villains, Mirror Master.

I'm loving the art on this book, and a lot of it has to do with the coloring, done by Mike Atiyeh. It's a vibrant book and everything jumps off the page. Kolins art has really come into its own in the past couple of years and you can see a great deal of growth between this and the Solomon Grundy mini-series from a couple years back. His art is a lot smoother and contemporary.

The Bad

Hey, look... a Super 8 add... 3 weeks in a row. As I said last week, this will be mentioned in every bad section until it goes away. I wasn't sure who was the villain floating in the green liquid. That's not a bad thing. It's just unfamiliar.

The Verdict

Pure awesome! Once again, Flashpoint proves that tie-ins don't have to suck. Thus far, there's been a lot of interesting changes to fan favorite characters in the DCU, and frankly, the tie-ins are worth your hard earned money. Well, not all of them. It's really cool to see someone else in the Flash's normal role, and not only that but it's really cool to see Cold and Mr Freeze duel it out. I have a feeling this will be my favorite of the Flashpoint tie-ins... Well, this or Batman. I highly recommend this book.

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