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FLASH FACT! He spends his days running Wayne Casinos!

A world in which Dr Thomas Wayne is the survivor of the Crime Alley shootout and became Batman. This issue continues a plot point briefly mentioned in the second issue of the main Flashpoint book - Joker has kidnapped the DA's kids and it's up to Batman to find them. But this Batman plays by very different rules than the Batman you're used to....



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Let's Establish Some Character! 0

In the Flashpoint World, Bruce Wayne died instead of Thomas Wayne. Thomas became Batman and the owner of Wayne Casino. The world is tipped upside-down, and this Batman is not like the one we know.The GoodI love this re-invention of Batman, even though it technically isn't Batman. Why? Because this Batman doesn't hold back and isn't afraid to kill. He walks that fine line of hero-villain in Gotham City. As mentioned earlier, Thomas owns a casino in Gotham to bring the lowlifes in the town to him....

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"This world, it's a bad place." 0

Synopsis: In this new world of Flashpoint, Gotham still have a Batman. But how different is this Batman? What's Good? I'll admit that I not feeling Flashpoint, but it's not bad of an event. The biggest reveal besides the world being different was who is behind the cowl of Batman, Thomas Wayne instead of Bruce. That's what piped my curiosity with this tie-in: how different IS Gotham City now that Thomas Wayne is Batman? Characters that we know in the mainstream comics are obviously different. Som...

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Something Old, Something New 0

The Good: It's amazing that after so many elseworlds, we can still have an alternate Batman who's unique and interesting without overlapping onto another. There's a little bit of a Dark Knight Returns feel to this, but in a good way, and not too overtly. The artwork is deceptively simple. It really represents how simple the difference is between normal Batman and Flashpoint Batman. So little difference, yet so much. And the shadows are dark and slid, reminds me just a tad of Mike Mignola. The di...

7 out of 7 found this review helpful.
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