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FLASH FACT! He survived the crash!

Abin Sur, the universe's greatest Green Lantern, never died, and can sense something is wrong. Tasked with retrieving The Entity from Earth, Abin can sense there is more to his mission than the guardians let on, as Earth becomes engulfed in a war between the Amazons and Atlanteans.

Abin Sur, now a Green Lantern, destroys a Manhunter. Abin's fellow Green Lantern Sinestro then appears, claiming to be in need of Abin's help. Sinestro explains that he is gathering a squad of the best Lanterns to fight against the Black Lanterns, who have conquered hundreds of sectors. Abin intends to speak to the Guardians about the threat, but Sinestro objects in favor assaulting the Black Lanterns at once. When Sinestro claims that Arin would be ashamed of what Abin has become, Abin punches Sinestro, who then leaves. Abin visits Arin's grave, and laments about the loss of Ungara.

The Guardians of the Universe on Oa summon Abin Sur and order him to retrieve the White Entity from Earth, as it is connected to all life in the Universe and cannot be afforded to be destroyed. While Abin accepts the mission, he expresses his intent to save Earth as well, despite the Guardians' objections. However, on the way to Earth, Abin's spacecraft is shot down, and the craft crash-lands on the ground. Meanwhile, on the planet Ysmault, Sinestro interrogates Atrocitus about the prophecy of the Flashpoint.

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