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Not quite as good as the past 3

Disclaimer: This is my first time reviewing so bear with me. I'm gonna borrow the sites main system for this one because it works well for organizing my thoughts 
 What I liked: 
So far Flashpoint has been my favorite big event in a while. It's been well written, well thought out, and has a great flow to the story.  Reading this it's clear that the Geoff Johns and the other writers working on the Flashpoint Tie-ins could probably start there own continuity just focusing on the history and characters in this timeline. I love the idea of the spirit of SHAZAM being divided among a group of kids and the character of Element Woman. Both of these characters were great ideas and I'm disappointed that we won't get to see either of them much more. 

What Could have been better: 
This issue really hit home that everything comes together in Flashpoint #5. I wouldn't say that everything that happened in this chapter wasn't important, it's just that much of it felt like set-up for next issue. All of the main players (save one, won't say who) are heading to Europe for the final battle and everything major will happen next issue. Also these ads are driving me insane, this issue would have probably paced a lot better if major moments weren't interrupted by ads. I understand their importance but you don't see a commercial pop up right in between a character's monologue on a TV show! There have got to be better places to insert them.

With Flashpoint winding down and some of it's tie-ins ending this week it's clear that DC is planning that Flashpoint #5 will have huge consequences. This chapter was good but it wasn't up to par with the past ones, it felt like it was just preparing us for next issue. Also am I the only one that feels that Cyborg is being really underused throughout Flashpoint? He's supposed to be America's top hero but he's really only just been there being Cyborg whenever he appears. It's odd that he didn't get a tie-in to himself. All in all an ok issue that was meant to excite fans for the finale issue. 

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