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"Today thou shall be with me in paradise..."

This is one explosive issue! So many things happen in this issue and it is really hard not to spoil the whole story by reviewing this, but I'll try to review it anyway!

Wally West

I can't help but feel sorry for the Wally West of this universe. He has a hard life. It would be really hard to go through the stuff he went through, I can tell you! The things Vandal Savage did to him and others like him really shows how evil he can be. All the same, it is a cool appearance. I love that they managed to slip in an appearance of Linda Park West as a love interest for Wally.

The destruction of Mars

This universe's version of J'onn tells Ralph Dibny about how Mars was destroyed in this universe. The way it was destroyed was actually really cool and ties in with this story very nicely. I wouldn't have thought of that destruction would be a nice plot tool for a Flash-oriented series, but it actully fits quite wlll.

The End of the Race...The Final Destination... (Conclusion)

Wow. That was a very cool ending. It was bitter sweet, but still a good ending. I haven't had the pleasure of reading a lot of other Elseworlds, but I have to say this is one of my favorites. It really is an amazing series. The End is very...explosive. The art is good and so is the writing which inducing wonderful interpretations of the character. Its quite entertaining to see the interpretations of the characters present in this series.

This is really intense if you know what is happening...
This is really intense if you know what is happening...

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