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This series is very fun! I love the interpretation of the characters!

Ralph Dibny and the Martian Manhunter

Two of the main character of this series are Ralph Dibny and the Martian Manhunter. You might know Ralph as Elongated Man in the normal comics, but in this comic he is just plain old Ralph Dibny who does not have powers at all. He is a private detective investigating the goings on at Barry Allen's space craft. I really like that Ralph gets a spot light in this series given his past interaction with the Flash. The Martian Manhunter's interpretation is pretty much the same as the normal universe character (minus the whole "hero" thing). Its a bitter sweet story for J'onn as he is a little gullible and less social than his normal universe self. Both are cool characters which make the story enjoyable


Looks pretty good for a 82 year old...
Looks pretty good for a 82 year old...

The whole "what if JFK didn't die but was saved?" concept is really cool and it is extra cool because we actually get to see President Kennedy in this series. I find it really interesting that in this universe, he was president for 10 terms! When his talking to Vandal Savage and Barry Allen, he mentions "scandals" which sort of implies that with the long running of his carrier the fact that he slept with tones of women actually comes out. He also mentions there hasn't been a "major U.S. Conflict since Korea". I'm not sure, but I believe this means that there wasn't a Cold War going on and there hadn't been a Gulf War, which is very intriguing. It makes you wonder what JFK could have done if he had lived...even if he didn't have Vandal Savage on his side to keep him young.


This second issue is good as well. It really highlights the demons Barry Allen faces when he is forced to stay still. It is cool that he has visions of the regular universe as not many Elseworlds stories highlight the regular universe that much.This is a cool issue!

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