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    Holy Awesomeness Batman!!! THIS IS AWESOME~!

    Some may say this has the potential to screw everything up, but after reading todays issue i cannot see anything but complete and utter potential for a wicked story 
    I will say Thomas being Batman and  Bruce being dead could have its problems, but hell we dont even know where this is going yet. All we know is this is a superb story told by some awesome people. Ill admit i hate hate what has happen to people in his writings, but i will admit i absolutely love what hes doing with this story line. 
    Now for the nitty gritty a real review lol 
    Story- I am on the edge of my seat with every page, somethings are predictable but for the most part this is one punch to the face after another. The scene on the boat with Deathstroke and the last page were absolute jaw droppers. I am curious to who the guy attached to wires was, maybe we will be told later an hes not going to die. But i love where they are taking this, and i cannot wait to get my hands on all the tie ins. I give the story a 5 out of 5 
    Art-Their is something almost human with the way these characters are drawn, the emotions in each panel just pop right out and overwhelm you with the same emotions. The discussion between Thomas and Barry was too damn cool 
    Future-The future for these characters is rocky from the looks of it, and the show of Aquaman and his brother Oceanmaster is even cooler. I am a huge fan of Aquaman and im almost angry with what they are doing with him. But lets be honest, we have all wanted to see Orin go batsh!t an take over the world. I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next issue, this is too much of a good thing. I'm waiting for the low point in this story that past arcs have had, i hope it never comes but i am not going to be naive in thinking parts of this are not going to suck. Or that they will anger people 
    Overall- IF you haven't read anything yet of Flashpoint jump on board and get into this. This is definitely a must read, every DC fan needs ot read this.

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