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The First Flashpoint

When you say the title "Flashpoint" most people will think of the story arc which rebooted the DC universe. However, that was not the first event called Flashpoint. Its really the second.

The Story

This series has an interesting concept to say the least. What if Barry Allen has received his super speed powers in the 1960s and he had saved the life of President John F. Kennedy by taking the bullets himself? DC's Elseworlds always seem to have a cool interpretation of characters and this comic is no exception. We get to see characters such as James Jesse and Captain Cold in a different light, which is really interesting.

The Art

I have always found you can tell different decades by their different styles. For example, when I looked at the interior of this comic, I knew at once this was from the 90s (even without looking at the release date). The some of the 90s comics have have this animated quality to them. They always use such vibrant colors that really jump out at you. I do like this art. Its a nice change from the style used in this decade...


This is a fun first issue. It is a great Elseworld story and I look forward to reading more!

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