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    Flashpoint is finally here


    I love this cover because we finally see that Flashpoint is here and that makes me excited.


    Barry Allen is in a parallel world and every thing he once known is not true. He is not married to Isis, his mother is still, and most importantly he is not the Flash.

    Best Part

    I did not know what this story arc was going to bring us and the Road to Flashpoint only gave us hints. So, when I finally picked up this issue I did not know what to expect. The last issue of Road to Flashpoint there is a flash of lighting and they leave us on a cliffhanger. So, now seeing in this issue that Barry is in another world I was pretty surprised and I was glad of that. A lot of things surprised me in this issue. Which is good because that means it is fresh. Just seeing Barry’s whole world upside down just makes a good story. The question of “How is he going to fix everything?” is very vital. Something that was also exciting to see was to see our other heroes be something they are not. Batman never kills and I read that today in a comic , Batman Arkham City #1, that was not even connected to Flashpoint. So, it is a known fact. Then the first thing we see is Batman killing someone that was surprising. But the most surprising for this issue was Batman in this world is not Bruce but his father. That just made my jaw hot the floor.

    Worst Part

    When the heroes of this Parallel World came together. It was kind of boring because I did not know who half of them were. So, I could of done without that part.


    Even though we did not receive the art that has been in the Road to Flashpoint issues I still liked this art. But I wish we had the art from the Flash series.

    Pick it up or not

    Pick it up!!

    4 ½ out of 5


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