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    Green Lantern of Earth-36 who wields the Power Torch as a member of Justice 9, Hank is romantically involved with Ray who also is in Justice 9 as the Red Racer.

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    "When all is dark and in despair,

    The night's made bright by Flashlight's glare!

    All evil things had best beware,

    By seven lights this oath I swear!"

    Flashlight's oath, The Green Lantern#11

    Chosen as protector of earth by the Custodians of the Cosmos, Hank Hallmark wields a powerfull flashlight weapon capable of seven power settings,from offensive to defensive maneuvers.

    Flashlight is the analog to Green Lantern from earth-36.

    Note: Flashlight is mentioned by name only in Action Comics #9, but first appears in The Multiversity #1.

    The Green Lantern

    Flashlight was summoned by the Custodians of the Cosmos when events happening in earth 0 threatened the whole multiverse. He reunited with several green lanterns of other universes to travel to earth 15 to rescue Carol Jordan, the Green Lantern of earth 11. On the dead earth 15 they faced the Golden Lantern, who warned them about the uncoming multiwar.

    Return of Flashlight

    Refusing to accept the death of his lover, Red Racer, (who had died on and adventure with Justice Incarnate) Flashlight when on a universal quest searching for the way to found him and bring his lover back.

    Hank asked for help to Optiman (also returned thanks to the Black Lens) who pointed him in the right direction, but he received the rejection of his bosses, the Custodians of the Cosmos, for his quest. Flashlight then broke several rules of the Rainbow Patrol, including awakening the dangerous Prisioner X from the Gaolworld before going to face Inframan. Flashlight was convinced than Red Racer had became in some kind of coherent information, traveling back in time, causing an anti-entropy discharge than was being used by the villian Inframan to feed of the energy to grow in complexity and power. When Flashlight send the Un-Beast against Inframan, the villian was erased, leaving the energy free to materialize as a returned Red Racer, who embraced his lover, reunited again.


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