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Flashback served as an insurance for the Blood Syndicate. When some one was fatally wounded or killed Flashback went back three seconds and saved them. Her ability came in handy numerous times, but left Flashback with many memories of her friends dying. The images, according to Flashback, is what led to her using of crack as an escape. It is also later discovered that in order for Fade to stay sane, Flashback must be around him. She "anchors" her brother to the present.

Flashback suffers the loss of her close friend Tech-9, whose altered biology killed him. Tech seemingly returns but this was part of a malicious attack by outside forces.

She has also had a relationship with ex-Blood Syndicate member Holocaust.

Milestone Forever

Flashback has worked herself off of drugs thanks to her friend Rocket. Still apart of Holocaust's Blood Syndicate Flashback joins him in ambushing Icon but apparently planned, along with a few other key members (Fade and Boogieman), to set up for Wise Son's appearance. After Holocaust challenges and loses to Wise Son, Flashback leaves with the rest of the Blood Syndicate now officially back under Wise Son.

Powers and Abilities

Flashback is a bang baby with the powers to travel 3 seconds back in time. She also has the ability to fly


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