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    The Flash was the first baby born in space, and as such she gained light-based powers that allow her to create constructs from it and to travel at the speed of light.

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    Current Events

    Lia is currently engaged in trying to overthrow the control of Harvey Dent (the Superman native of her source Earth) and is engaging the aid of her and other superpowered counterparts from New Earth including Wally West to do so. While believing they had later succeeded in saving the captured Atom, it was really Powergirl in disguise. In the resulting battle Lia was captured. Luckily the Outsiders, comprised of Secret Six and Night Force members, and heroes from new Earth were able to rescue her and the other captured heroes. Once released, they were able to travel to new Earth, join defending forces there and defeat Superman.


    In the dimensional reality known as Earth-9, elite fashion model and actress Lia Nelson has adapted superhuman speed and control through a yet unrevealed event. Lia Nelson is the second most recognized person on the planet, next to Atom or Superman. She was a celebrity from the time of her birth, as her parents where the first astronauts to go on the Jupiter Mission. Her mother was somewhat of a minor hero herself and her father was a agent of Nightwing, though not very good at his job. While in space her father found irradiated mineral samples which were near Lia's mom while she was pregnant with her. The exposure to the minerals granted her light based powers. After learning control of her power, she adapted the alias of the Flash. Though because of the circumstances of the attention she received when she was younger, Lia could never decide whether or not she was a celebrity or a hero. Despite that she later on joined the Secret Six.


    Flash was created for use in DC Comics by Todd Dezago, Gary Frank, and Dan Jurgens. Her first appearance is in Tangent Comics: Flash #1 which was released in December, 1997.

    Character Evolution

    Major Story Arcs

    Lia successfully showed off her acting abilities to pretend to be a "damsel-in-distress" to manipulate Jay Garrick of Earth-2 to defend her at the cost of almost his own life during the recent interdimensional conflict instigated by the Monarch in his war against the Monitors.

    Lia survived the Arena battle by her successful manipulation of the Earth-2 Garrick, and was able to successfully return to her source Earth after the Arena conflict and avoided becoming involved in the war across the multidimensions against both the Monarch and now very individual dimensional Monitors.

    Post Flashpoint

    Lia joined the Flashes of the Multiverse, they first met to discuss the emergence to the new Forces: Sage Force, Strength Force, Still Force. Lia later assisted The Flash Family in defeating the Legion of Zoom. At some point she migrated to Earth-0 and adopted the title of the New God Lightray. After being kidnapped by Eclipso Lia was saved by Apollo and Enchantress who recruited her into Superman's incarnation of The Authority.

    Lia was convinced to join the team's mission to liberate Warworld but is unaware that Superman had sought her out in response to a message he saw written on the Source Wall instructing him to protect her.

    Powers & Abilities

    Lia Shape-Shifting
    Lia Shape-Shifting

    Lia is a being made of light allowing her to control, manipulate and generate light, as well as access light energy directly. Some of her most known abilities is the ability to move at the speed of light and generate light energy for consecutive blasts.

    Other than this she can create solid holograms out of light as well as the light that makes up her own body. She can either appear in multiple places at once or project multiple duplicate images of herself or others. Another of her abilities is to to change her appearance or shape into anything she wants though still retaining the look she currently has in her original form. Being composed of pure light she was completely unaffected by Dr. Psycho mental assault.

    Other Media

    The Flash

    Portrayed by Kathryn Gallagher, Lia Nelson was a forensic scientist in the Central City Police Department and the best friend of XS. While helping Nora West Allen investigating a case involving Velocity 9 Lia was killed by Godspeed.


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