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    1. "STONE AGE MENACE" (Flash)
    2. TON O' FUN
    3. "THE BLACK CANARY" (Johhny Thunder)
    4. "THE CASE OF THE EXTRA GHOST" (Ghost Patrol)
    5. TON O' FUN
    6. "COWARD" (text story by John Osgood)
    7. TON O' FUN

    With the obvious exception of Wonder Woman, female heroes in the 1940's tended to have short shelf lives - a fact made worse by the overall post-war decline of the superhero genre. One notable exception was the Black Canary, who made her debut in a 6 page Johnny Thunder story in this issue by Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino. Dinah Drake was originally presented as a villain trying to steal a priceless sapphire. Her plan was thwarted by Johnny Thunder, but Dinah managed to escape her captor. Artist Carmine Infantino depicted Dinah as a blonde bombshell who was so attractive that Johnny spent most of the tale smitten by the newcomer. The Black Canary's costume added an undeniable jolt of sex appeal, consisting of fishnet stockings, high heeled boots, a bustier and an open jacket. She originally also wore a domino mask, but dropped it after her first appearance. Also quickly jettisoned was Black Canary's moral position as she became more of a straight forward heroine and teamed up with private investigator Larry Lance to solve crimes. Johnny Thunder however, still became her victim - the Black Canary kicked him out of the pages of Flash Comics starting in issue# 92 (Feb 1948). She would perform the same trick over in All-Star Comics in June 1949, replacing him in the Justice Society of America with issue # 41.

    Black Canary was created by Carmine Infantino and Robert Kanigher. (also note: Joe Giella inked this story)


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