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on the cover: in the background, a man with a worrying look rings his fingers thru his hair asking "Who is Walter Jordan? Who? Who? Why? Who am I? Who? How? Where? Why?" while in the foreground flash punches another man.

  1. "WHO IS WALTER JORDAN?" (Flash) Flash steps in when Joan's cousin from Ohio is set up to take the fall for a murder.
  2. Johnny Thunder: Peachy Pet wants to be an inventer but her experiments keep messing up because she can't get any peace at home.
  3. The Ghost Patrol: a snake-oil add on the radio leads the patrol to do chores on a farm.
  4. "THE TALKING STATUE!" (The Atom) Al suspects a cigar shop of passing counterfeit money and is both helped and hurt by a talking wooden Indian statue.
  5. "HONEST SAM" (text story by Charles King)
  6. "THE CLOAK OF CAGILOSTRO!" (Hawkman) a good man, down on his luck buys a cloak to keep warm but it is cursed and turns him evil.

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