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    Good, but not great.

    The Good

    Well, of course the good is the great deal! You get 80 pages of Flash awesomeness, plus guest appearances from other DC Speedsters. The stories overall are pretty good, and the art is decent for artists having to draw this much. There are a bunch of stories, and although the quality is a bit knocked down, it is 80 pages.

    The Bad

    Again, like I said, the quality is notched down a bit for quantity. Also, the art feels a bit rushed at times, and lacking details and/or simply not looking well enough for me. The shading is a bit off at times, and the coloring lacks the "wow" factor. Another thing is how cheesy some of the stories' moments are, like the ending of the 2nd story with Flash and Jay Garrick.

    The Verdict

    It's a pretty good deal for so many stories for a good price, but it's nothing special, and is mainly a cheap, fun read for Flash fans, or people who like DC but aren't as interested in Flash.

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