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    Flare is a alien from the planet of Rimbor who can harness light. She is an intergalactic thief that had gained the attention of the Emerald Empress when she was looking for new members for the Fatal Five.

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    Flare is a character who first was seen in the pages of the Legion of Super-Heroes, published by DC Comics. She first appeared in the Legion of Super-Heroes Vol 3, number #24 July 1986.


    Height: 6”

    Weight: 130 lbs

    Eyes: Brown, Yellow when powered up

    Hair: Black, Yellow when powered up


     Expert thief
    Expert thief

    Ray Sah was an abandoned orphan who was raised on the mean streets of the planet Rimbor. From an early age, Ray Sah learned to steal to survive and use her mutant abilities of solar absorption and manipulation to aid in her endeavors.

    First reported to the Science Police on the planet of Ventura, little is revealed of Flare's early life and origin. Nearly captured on Ventura for a theft of several life jewels, Flare was described as a young child with some form of solar powers. However, that particular heist gave her notoriety of being an accomplished thief and she gained fame and the attention of powerful individuals.

    Few of the thefts that Flare committed placed lives in danger and she seemingly concentrated on stealing valuable objects in impossible situations for trusted and established customers. Besides jewels, she has been known to steal works of art from museums, records and industrial information, and even a space cruiser from Nullports for the Khunds.

    Flare's continued notoriety and increasing skills garnered her the attention of the Emerald Empress, who was looking for new members for the Fatal Five. A new, violent side of Flare was expressed as a member of the new Fatal Five. Flare and the Fatal Five, whose roster boasted the Emerald Empress, the Persuader, Caress and Mentalla, came into direct conflict against the Legion Of Super-Heroes. Flare and the Fatal Five nearly defeated the Legionnaires but they ultimately faced defeat. Flare has since been placed in custody, along with her teammates, in the maximum prison facility known as Labyrinth.

    Five Years Laters

    In the Five years later continuity, Flare was one of the many superpowered beings prisioners of the Dominion in special chambers around the world. These chambers were used by the Dominators to create new superbeings and at the same time it worked to put the occupers under mental control, as superpowered slaves for their conquerors.

    After the chambers of Metropolis were taken by the Subs, the Dominion Governor of Earth commissioned four subjects from the chambers of New Zealand to capture them. Flare, along with Ghost, Alloy and Elastic-Kid tried to kill the subs, but they were defeated thanks to Monica Sade, also victim of the Dominators experiments, who gained teleporting powers. Flare survived as she was defeated by Fire Lad, who spared her life.

    This team of Flare had similarities with the Fantastic Four.


     Fire from the skies
    Fire from the skies

    Flare has the powers to convert light energy into manipulable forms - using it to fly, or to concentrate into beams of destructive power. When utilizing her power at their fullest, her body flows with a ruby light as though burning but generates no heat beyond ordinary human body temperatures.


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