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    The beautiful, high-flying Flare is in part the product of a Nazi genetic experiment. Her siblings all possess incredible powers, Flare has power over light. She joined the ranks of the League of Champions, but often adventures on her own.

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    Sunkissed and powered by photonic energy, the beautiful Flare is a firm hand of justice based in San Francisco. A child of the gods, born out of genetic experiments by expatriate Nazis who had escaped Germany and built a secret base in South America. Teresa and her siblings where all genetically engineered with paranormal abilities.

    Teresa had control of photokinitic light and the ability to fly, her younger sister Olga had control of electricity, her brother Thomas had enhanced strength and near invulnerability, and lastly her other brother Philip had mastery over his own shape.

    After being raised to the peak of her ability and schooled in all the sciences and many languages, Teresa was artificially aged from a 14-year old-girl into a full-grown woman. She was than given the assignment to destroy the League of Champions. But after a confrontation in which she very nearly killed Gargoyle, thought by many to be the most powerful of the team, she realized the error of her ways and turned on her former masters. In the years that followed, she became a loyal teammate and a world-reknowed heroine..

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    In the meantime, her brother Philip had assumed control of the San Francisco branch of the occult criminal organization, DEMON. Calling himself the "Demonmaster," and working with another shape-shifter named Sylph, Philip laid plans to take control of DEMON by overthrowing its Inner Circle of nine powerful demonically powered sorceres. Coveting the legendary Hellfire Crown, which was housed at the magically warded estate of Dr.Arcane, Philip kidnapped Arcane's granddaughter Donnah Hannah and assumed her identity. Philip did manage to acquire the crown, in the process killing the superhero Giant, a man whom Flare dearly loved, and in the end (or so it seemed) lost his own life in a final battle with his sister.

    Flare would soon make for herself apart from the League of Champions. After landing a contract to serve as a spokesman for Sergio Klein jeans, Flare moved to Los Angeles with her friend Donnah Hannah (aka Lady Arcane), and started a solo career. During that time, she made new friends and enemies such as the savage Tigress. Teresa mourned the death of Giant and for a time wondered about her sexuality due to an attraction to Lady Arcane. Flare's sister Olga had in the meantime also joined the League of Champions. After redesigning her look several time, Flare went back to her original blues and whites. Along with her friends or solo, Flare continues to shine brightly over crime as a beacon of justice.


    Flare has been genetically engineered to be born with paranormal abilities. Flare body has the ability to absorb, metabolize, store, and generate photokinitic energy. Flare can use this ability to produce blinding flashes of light capable of affecting natural and mechanical vision. She can also blast from her hands and eyes bursts of pure photokinitic light. She is able to control the shot to a tight beam able to pierce steel or change it to cause a wider impact. Flare can also turn the energy into photokinitic flight and is able to reach high altitudes at a fast rate. A glowing beam flows after her as she flies. Flare's muscles are also several times stronger than any normal top athlete, due to her body's storage of photokinitic energies. These enhancements result in increased physical strength and resistance to injury.


    Flare has received rigorous training in gymnastics, general combat techniques, and survival training. her fields of expertise include military tactics, a broad background in the sciences and languages.


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