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    Charlene Dupre, dubbed Flamingo, is a member of the Renegades. A southern belle who has the ability to control and generate flames.

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    Charlene Dupre
    Charlene Dupre

    Charlene Dupre feels like she’s been on fire since the day she was born. She turned to a dead-end life on the sleazy side of the New Orleans streets, after leaving home at the age of eighteen because word of her promiscuous ways had began to spread through the townsfolk.

    While in New Orleans, Charlene met Huxley and the two entered a relationship. Huxley would wind up to becoming an abusive boyfriend and while they were together forced Charlene perform many lude acts. Charlene soon ended up working at the local strip club as the stripper dubbed Flamingo.

    While working at the strip club, Charlene comes across Peter Stanchek, Zephyr, and Kris. Peter explains to Charlene that she is special and possesses latent psiot abilities. With a touch Peter attempts to unlock those abilities, causing Charlene to relieve glimpses of her past life. However the process doesn't go uninterrupted, as the club bouncer spots Peter with his hands on Charlene (which is a big no no), and then proceeds to kick him along with Zephyr, and Kris out of the club. Before being thrown out Peter ask that Charlene meet them outside of the club, to which she obliges.

    While outside of the club Peter ask if Charlene would accompany him, and his gang to the nearby motel so they could talk. While at the motel Peter begins once more to activate Charlene's latent psiot abilities. Through much prevail, Peter is able to activate her psiot abilities, which then causes her to spew out fire and set the entire motel aflame. Peter surrounds himself with a telekinetic force bubble, and Charlene is blasted by the sheer force of her abilities through the wall and outside towards the strip club's parking lot.

    Standing before her was Huxley who was horrified to find Charlene in such a charred state. Huxley, now furious demands to know who did this to her so that he could make them pay. Charlene replies that Huxley is the one who did this to her, saying that he took away her heat, but she had gotten it back. With that being said Charlene began to ignite Huxley's "unmentionable" and set the entire car aflame causing a huge explosion. Zephyr locates Charlene and they both embark on their journey ahead with Peter, and Kris.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Renegades

    The gang tracks down Torque
    The gang tracks down Torque

    The Renegades track down John Torkelson who is on the list a a potential latent psiot, which was found after Peter's run-in with Rachel (in which he psychically pried the information out of her mind and left her in a broken state; instilling Joe in her memories forever). They're able to locate John Torkelson in Georgia, where Peter attempts to activate John's latent psiot abilities. While there they are ambushed by P.S.R. Peter is able to complete the activation and John is forever changed becoming Torque, a psiot possessing great strength and endurance. They are ultimately captured by Tull and the P.S.R., all except Zephyr who is able to free a badly injured Peter.

    Together Zephyr and Peter devise a plan to free the others. Peter takes control of the airship he was held captive upon, while Zephyr makes her way to the other airship to free Flamingo, Torque, and Kris. Up on freeing Flamingo, Torque, and Kris Zephyr learns from Peter that the airship there currently on is rigged to blow, and they must quickly exit. They all jump out of the airship, Zephyr trying to grab hold onto both Flamingo, and Kris was unable to do so, and had to drop Flamingo.

    While falling Kris informed Flamingo that if she thrust her flames downward, she could propel herself through the air. Flamingo landed smoothly, but in the mix of things caused a widespread fire in the forest, which was put out by Torque when he touched down.

    Together the gang evacuated the premises and made there way toward a local motel. The group continues their travels while trying to remain under the radar, yet in order to survive they must continuously carjack and rob banks for money. Flamingo ends up dancing in a bar with Torque and he causes a fight to break out along with the cops showing up. After leaving the bar they wind up at a hotel and decide to pursue a mission given to Peter by Monk in order to free captured psiot children.


    Flamingo possesses the psionic ability to manipulate and generate flame. So far Flamingo has been displayed the ability to spew fire from her mouth, set things aflame via pyrokinetically, and she's capable of limited flight by thrusting the flames from her hands downward.


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