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The true identity of Flame is Daniel Springer and he is an arsonist-for-hire. Flame is hired by a landlord named Mr. Crowley who wanted one of his apartment buildings burned down and claim the loss on his insurance. Flame sabotaged the fire alarm and disabled the phone lines before starting the fire. However his work was ruined by one of Crowley's tenants named Alison Blaire aka Dazzler. Alison was woken up by the smoke and used her powers to glow like a beacon to attract the police. They called the fire department and they put out the fire before it caused significant damage. Crowley told his tenants that this kind of stuff would not happen if they bought the co-op shares he was offering.

Flame was angry and vengeful because his plan was thwarted by Dazzler. He took it personally and wanted to eliminate her. Dazzler was at a dress rehearsal in a New York cable television studio when Iron Fist and Luke Cage arrived. She told them that she encountered three evil mutants a few days ago who called themselves the Sisterhood of Evil Mutants. The three mutants she fought earlier were in fact Mystique, Rogue and Destiny. Dazzler told the Heroes For Hire that she suspects the sisterhood for torching her building. Iron Fist and Cage agree to help her when the studio suddenly bursts into flames. The doors leading outside were jammed and the ceiling began to cave in. Cage held the ceiling up while Iron Fist used his powers to break a hole in the wall so everyone could escape. The next day, Alison went to her landlord's office to ask for help when she heard Mr. Crowley speaking to Flame about the arson. Flame captures Dazzler and takes her inside a building he is contracted to torch. Dazzler manages to escape when she transduces the sound from Flame's bike to make laser energy so she can cut herself loose. Flame finds her and the two engage in battle. The arsonist puts up a good fight but is eventually defeated when Alison hits him with a powerful dazzle-burst. Iron Fist and Cage find Alison and Flame is taken into custody.


Flame was created by Danny Fingeroth and Frank Springer in 1983 and first appeared in Dazzler # 23.

Story Arcs

Civil War

Flame appears years later with a group of other superhuman criminals that include King Size, Ferocia and Blue Streak to receive Skrull organs from the Corporation. They oppose the Superhuman Registration Act and now possess shape shifting abilities to hide from the authorities. Flame and his Skrull hybrid partners are ordered by Veil to free Ricadonna from Sing Sing prison. They break into Ricadonna's cell, kill three dozen guards and escort her out disguised as prison officials. The Heroes for Hire discover the secret hideaway of the Corporation on Hart Island and infiltrate the base. Flame torches Orka from behind but he gets knocked out by Misty Knight when she kicks him in the head. The current whereabouts of Flame are currently unknown.

Equipment & Paraphernalia

Flame wears an insulated suit and tinted goggles that protect him from the brightest, hottest fires. A flamethrower device is inside his gloves where he can materialize fireballs or shoot a concentrated stream of fire at his enemies. Flame also carries a flame sword and drives a motorcycle with a special muffling system that makes his bike run silent.


Flame now has shape shifting abilities because of the Skrull organ transplant provided by the Corporation.


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